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Articles By Others

There is lots of useful information around on every aspect of pet ownership. We’ve collected some informative brochures for you on this page.

  • Easter Lilies can be deadly for your cat
    The season for white lilies in the home is fast approaching. Unfortunately, these beautiful plants are poisonous to your feline family members.
  • Your Allergies and Your Pets
    Most people who love their pets can sensibly live with their allergies and be spared the heartbreak of giving up their beloved companions by following the advice in this brochure.
  • Your Baby and Your Pet
    If you’re expecting a baby, and your family already includes a pet, you’ll need to help that first “baby” adjust to the new one you’ll soon bring home.
  • 13 Steps to Finding Rental Housing That Accepts Pets
    If you are a responsible pet owner looking to rent and are overwhelmed by the challenges of finding pet-friendly housing, don’t despair. With planning and a few compromises, you can find pet-friendly housing in virtually any area of the country.
  • How to Buy a Puppy
    If you want a dog in your life, please don’t buy a puppy mill puppy. Pet store clerks and other sellers of dogs won’t tell you their dogs came from puppy mills. How do you separate fact from fiction?
  • How to Find a Good Dog Breeder
    Although one in every four dogs in U.S. animal shelters is purebred, if you aren’t having luck finding your choice of breed in a shelter, this brochure can help you identify a compassionate breeder of sociable dogs.