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Vaccines are designed to prepare the immune system to effectively fight invaders. This introduction allows the immune system to be prepared and to prevent disease when it comes in contact with the real thing.

Our hospital weighs the risk each animal is susceptible due to its particular situation in life when deciding on which vaccines are required. In this way the vaccines are tailored to you and your animals health and lifestyle. Not all patients require the same vaccines as they each have different risks of catching diseases and each as well has their own risk of dying or become very sick, or even passing the disease to their owner. All our staff are well versed in our hospitals guiding principles with regards to vaccination and would be pleased to discuss them or arrange for you to meet with the doctor to discuss your pets situation in particular.

For more information on Vaccines visit the Articles section of our website where Dr. Black has written an article on Vaccines for The OSCA – Ottawa South’s Community Association newspaper.