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Radiology at Centretown Veterinary Hospital

[X-ray image of a dog’s body]
Ventro-Dorsal (VD) (from front to back) radiograph of a dog

Radiographs or X-rays. We have all heard of them and we all think we know what they mean but nothing else in veterinary medicine makes a pet owner tilt their head and look inquisitively like an X-ray. Yet they are one of the most common tools used in both veterinary and human medicine, letting us make immediate and pertinent diagnosis of many conditions that you may not expect.

When most people think of X-rays, they think of broken bones, and these are by far the easiest objects to recognize. However, due to the way X-rays are made, they can show almost every soft tissue in the body including the stomach, the intestines, the bladder, the heart, the kidneys and even the lungs, despite their being full of air. It is through this imaging that veterinarians are able to get a “picture” of what is going on inside your pet. They are often the greatest clues to both disease and the effectiveness of treatment.