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Dr. Emily Black

[Photo of Dr. Black with dog Boo]
Dr. Black with Boo

Dr. Emily Black spent her childhood here in Downtown Ottawa, and we know people from Ottawa are few and far between. She lived in New Zealand for 8 years and Australia for two before returning to Prince Edward Island and graduating from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 2004.

She has worked at a number of hospitals here in Ottawa in both the South and West end of the city. She reclaimed her love of the downtown core while working for the Ottawa Humane Society before leaving them to open the Centretown Veterinary Hospital.

Her special interests include Dermatology (skin), Nutrition and Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Physiotherapy.

When she’s not working at the hospital she is having fantastic discussions with her 13 year old dog Boo, and her two cats Mr. Fair Dinkum and Senior Podee. She is also an active member of the Ottawa Potters Guild and a painter.