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Dr. Miriam Boileau

[Photo of Dr. Boileau]
Dr. Boileau with Finnegan

Dr. Boileau was born and raised in North Bay. Se received her first pet, an albino rabbit, at the tender age of four after pleading with her parents to let her have a pet! She then wanted a dog because it would be so much more entertaining than her younger brother. Denied she resorted to borrowing neighbourhood pets as playmates until finally able to get a dog of her own, a West Highland White Terrier. Miriam knew at a young age she would become a veterinarian and as such, has been employed in Veterinary hospitals from the age of 16. She graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph in 2001.

Returning to Northern Ontario after graduation she practiced in Sturgeon (left of North Bay) with cows, goats, pigs, horses, elk, mosquito’s the size of elk and of course dogs and cats!

Moving South, she has practiced in the Ottawa area since 2003, initially up the valley and then braving the big smoke’s west end for the last 3 years! In 2005 she took a sabbatical and traveled extensively through Asia and Africa.

As a Veterinarian, Dr. Boileau brings her enthusiasm for life to the clinic (we’re pretty sure she’s in the right place!). She is fluent in English, French and Dr. Black’s version of French. And brings her special interests of ophthalmology and feline medicine to our team.

In her free time, she bikes (mountain and road), skis and reads avidly!

Bonnie and Lily two of the most beautiful cats in the world find it in their hearts to share their house with Miriam provided the food dish is always full and the fur toys are promptly pulled out from under the couch!